Teletalk Internet Recharge Package


Teletalk Internet Recharge Package. Teletalk brings many internet recharge offer. It has many facility. So, pick up what your need.

Teletalk Internet Recharge Package

Teletalk Internet Recharge Package

1Mbps Classic Data package:

  • 5MB internet⇒ Price 2tk⇒ Validity 1 day⇒ Activation dial D56 to 111
  • 20MB internet⇒ Price 6tk⇒ Validity 1 day⇒ Activation dial D18 to 111
  • 1GB internet⇒ Price 80tk⇒ Validity 3 days⇒ Activation dial D58 to 111
  • 1GB internet⇒ Price 140tk⇒ Validity 10 days⇒ Activation dial D19 to 111
  • 1GB internet⇒ Price 240tk⇒ Validity 30 days⇒ Activation dial D31 to 111
  • 2GB internet⇒ Price 350tk⇒ Validity 30 days⇒ Activation dial D20 to 111
  • 3GB internet⇒ Price 400tk⇒ Validity 30 days⇒ Activation dial D38 to 111
  • 5GB internet⇒ Price 550tk⇒ Validity 30 days⇒ Activation dial D21 to 111
  • 10GB internet⇒ Price 825tk⇒ Validity 30 days⇒ Activation dial D22 to 111
  • 30GB internet⇒ Price 1500tk⇒ Validity 30 days⇒ Activation dial D32 to 111
  • 1GB internet⇒ Price 99*tk⇒ Validity 30 days⇒ Activation dial D60 to 111
  • 5GB internet⇒ Price 300*tk⇒ Validity 30 days⇒ Activation dial D63 to 111

*off-peak use only • Teletalk Internet Recharge Package Recharge activation prepaid only


>>> Teletalk 3G Data Package

2Mbps Super 3G:

  • 100MB internet⇒ Price 15tk⇒ Validity 2 days⇒ Activation prepaid type M1 & postpaid MF1 to 111⇒ Activation code *111*1*1#⇒ Recharge activation only prepaid
  • 300MB internet⇒ Price 45tk⇒ Validity 7 days⇒ Activation prepaid type M2 & postpaid MF2 to 111⇒ Activation code *111*1*2#⇒ Recharge activation only prepaid
  • 1GB internet⇒ Price 150tk⇒ Validity 15 days⇒ Activation prepaid type M3 & postpaid MF3 to 111⇒ Activation code *111*1*3#⇒ Recharge activation only prepaid
  • 100MB internet⇒ Price 45tk⇒ Validity 30 days⇒ Activation prepaid type M5 & postpaid MF5 to 111⇒ Activation code *111*1*5#⇒ Recharge activation only prepaid
  • 250MB internet⇒ Price 85tk⇒ Validity 30 days⇒ Activation prepaid type M6 & postpaid MF6 to 111⇒ Activation code *111*1*6#⇒ Recharge activation only prepaid
  • 500MB internet⇒ Price 165tk⇒ Validity 30 days⇒ Activation prepaid type M7 & postpaid MF7 to 111⇒ Activation code *111*1*7#⇒ Recharge activation only prepaid
  • 1GB internet⇒ Price 275tk⇒ Validity 30 days⇒ Activation prepaid type M8 & postpaid MF8 to 111⇒ Activation code *111*1*8#⇒ Recharge activation only prepaid
  • 3GB internet⇒ Price 440tk⇒ Validity 30 days⇒ Activation prepaid type M9 & postpaid MF9 to 111⇒ Activation code *111*1*9#⇒ Recharge activation only prepaid
  • 5GB internet⇒ Price 600tk⇒ Validity 30 days⇒ Activation prepaid type M10 & postpaid MF10 to 111⇒ Activation code *111*1*10#⇒ Recharge activation only prepaid
  • 8GB internet⇒ Price 900tk⇒ Validity 30 days⇒ Activation prepaid type M11 & postpaid MF11 to 111⇒ Activation code *111*1*11#⇒ Recharge activation only prepaid


  • SMS based (short code) and recharge based data activation process will work simultaneously
  • To activate data package through recharge trigger, subscriber has to recharge *predefined amount only
  • SC+ SD+ VAT Applicable for all charge

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